Friday, July 17, 2015


Why parenting? Parenting is a calling and has certain blessings and experiences that can only come from it. Heavenly Father will give us all He has and it is part of His plan for us to be in a family as well as to have a family. I believe parenting is the greatest calling/job anyone can have in this mortal state. This week in class, we learned how we can parent better. The more we try to control our children, the less we are able to influence them for good. We should involve children, teach them to contribute instead of lecture. Short consequence will help them try to become better and we should teach them to do chores at home to help them understand the value of contribution. As parents we should not try to be so over controlling with children. Power lead to confidence but also takes away our relationship and connection with our children. Parenting should be something we all enjoy and we should always put our children first.

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