Thursday, May 21, 2015


This week lesson has made me appreciate and love my sisters more. I am thankful that I have five wonderful, beautiful and awesome sisters any brother can ask. 

In my family, there are five girls and two boys. Me and my brother are in the middle. We both have experience of having older and younger sisters. Looking back, my older sisters has taught us both so much and has help us prepare for the future. 

An interesting fact that I learn this week about sisters is that having more sisters, I will have more advantage in a relationship. With five sisters, I grew up with five different personalities and five different mood swings. I have learn how to adapt and understand each one of them. 

Growing up, I learned how to cook, clean, do laundry, and learn that girls and boys have equal role in a family. They always tell me and my brother that by learning all of these skills, they are only helping us become better husband. It is true! Now that we are older, those skills has prepare us to become husband. Learning those skills, will help my wife have less stress and I would be more of a father figure in my children life. 

Culture With Family

Does Culture Affect Family Life?

One interesting topic that we discuss this week in class is about culture. It was interesting to learn that culture play a great role in family unit. Where our ancestors come from, help build a foundation of practice in the family.

 My family is Hmong and are from Laos. Growing up, I learn at an early age to respect and greet my elders. There are usually party every week, where family and friends come together to eat and enjoy time with each other. Whenever our cousins or any Hmong in the community need help with anything, my family and other families will always set a date aside to help them with their need.  At a young age, I learn that family is first than anything else fall behind. Because of this family and service culture, I have learn the importance of family and friends are in my life. I have appreciate more of how keeping close with them, life is more happy and easier. My family has also been affect by this by helping us become more united and know that no matter what happens, we will always have each other. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exchange Theory

Exchange Theory

          Have you ever expect something back after you give someone something? If you have, you are experiencing Exchange Theory. Exchange Theory can effect social behavior and definitely a relationship. The purpose of this theory is to maximize benefits and minimize costs. When the weigh of risks outweigh the reward, people will abandon the relationship. What do you think about exchange theory in a relationship?