Thursday, June 11, 2015


      Today in class, we learn about fidelity. Fidelity can be define as faithfulness, loyalty, and consistent. A great example to define this is a stereo system. It take many equipment to be able to get a clear sound. Also with a stereo system, you are able to edit or auto-tune the music to make it sound better. This was compare to a relationship. Many time, people who are in relationship will act different when they are surrounded by people. A relationship requires many attributes and parts (equipment) on both side to be able to make it into a better quality relationship. Fidelity can only be develop in a relationship by both people are committed to each other and are willing to look over each other weakness.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


     Who are more likely to get marry? The answer is educated, good income, skill sets people. In the book, the race that are more likely to get marry are Caucasian and American Asian. The reason is people with a well educated will have a better income. This will give them more confidence and a foundation. A research as proven that getting marry increase education, income and skill sets because marriage change many life style.

     Marriage can change life style in many ways. In the process of marriage, parents and other family members will be involve in the wedding. This could cause a division in the family and relationship. Debts will also start to come to play. The average cost for a wedding is $30,000. When debts come, stress also come. By not having more enough money, this will lead to postponing or delaying the wedding. Postponing will weaken the relationship and could cause doubts. It is interesting to see that the way how we start our marriage will have a great effect on our future marriage life.

How important is dating?

       Dating is the first step to marriage. We have to go on dates and be able to find and get to know the person we are going to be with. Dating leads to courtship then engagement and finally marriage.
The purpose of dating is to find interest and attributes in the other person to see if you are compatible with the other person. 

       There are three things a guy usually do during the date. He plan, pair off, and paid for. These are know as the three P's. Planning will help the girl know how good the guy is able to communicate. Pair off allow the guy and the girl be able to share interest and get to know each other. Paid for allow the girl to know that the guy is able to provide. Relating these three P's is also in the Proclamation to the World. As a Husband, he must Provide, Preside and Protect. Dating prepare men to become a husband. Dating allow young ladies to see the potential the guy has for a husband. It allow men and women to practice for marriage. Dating is an important part of life.